MeiJer Philosophy

M.J. International Group was founded in 1982 in Taiwan,
service has been provided more than 30 years.

The Chairman of M.J. International Group, B.Y. Chen,

holds the spirit of “Honorable, Sincere, Diligent and Prudent”, to manage M.J. group.
Focusing on local talent cultivation,

M.J. also build advanced information management equipment to improve employee productivity.

Employee benefits measures

Our company is concerned about employee benefits
and sets out various management practices and requirements
such as salary, promotions, rewards and punishments, leave and social insurance, which are in compliance with local laws and regulations.
The employees are regularly inspected during their employment, provide food for meals or clean and wholesome meals.
The company also provides staff quarters or accommodation subsidies to take positive actions to take care of employees' physical and mental health.

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