Company Profile
M.J. International Group was founded in 1982 in Taiwan and a production base was established in Dongguan City, Mainland China in 1993. The company therefore has a 36 year history and currently owns three plants with an enormous production capacity in Dongguan, China. The production bases cover a total area of over 110,000m2. M.J. International Group is one of the largest professional manufacturers for LVT and SPC in Asia.

The company is armed with an independent R&D capacity, which is unrivaled in this industry and has created an exceptional competitive edge by relying on its cutting-edge automated production facilities and 30 years’ experience in the fields of R&D and manufacturing technologies and quality control.

The group embraces a business philosophy of “Quality First” and insists on manufacture in the company’s own plants to ensure excellent product quality. It has also acquired numerous international certifications and met the criteria of the quality inspections of many countries. This includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA8000, CE, IMO, BRE, Floor Score, BV, CSTB, SGS, CNAL, ASTM, GB, and CNS. The company has also successfully applied for patents for numerous inventions, prototypes, and designs in China, Japan, and America and other regions. MJ International has earned the long-term support, trust, and loyalty of international brand clients due to its exceptional quality, healthy and safe products, stylish design, and comprehensive functionality. Its products are sold in over 30 countries spanning the whole globe including Europe, America, and Japan. The company is also one of the main OEM manufacturers for internationally renowned tile brands.
M.J. Milestones
  • 1982
    Established in Taiwan
  • 1993
    Setup 1st factory in Shijie, Dongguan, China
  • 2006
    Setup 2nd factory in Zhongtang, Dongguan, China
  • 2010
    Setup automatic line
  • 2012
    Certified with SA8000
  • 2013
    Certified with FloorScore
  • 2014
    Winning Export Sales Outstanding Award
  • 2016
    Only professional flooring manufacturer, being listed in Taiwan
  • 2018
    Investment on 12 SPC lines and automatic warehouse
Business Philosophy

The Chairman of M.J. International Group, B.Y. Chen, holds the spirit of “Honorable, Sincere, Diligent and Prudent”, to manage M.J. group. Focusing on local talent cultivation, M.J. also build advanced information management equipment to improve employee productivity.

With Conserve the planet for future generation, our production process and products are healthy, safety and environmental-friendly.

Through the teamwork of each division, we continuously develop new products and materials to enhance product competitiveness.

Our quality has been put at first priority , ISO management has acted as a supportive system, Meijer International Group maintains the leadership position of same industry around the world.

Company Profile Video
Acquisition of SA8000International
SocialAccountability Certification

The SA8000 social accountability management system aims to safeguard the basic rights and interests of humanity.

The essential standards of the SA8000 system have been derived from relevant protocols and other principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO) regarding the prohibition of forced or compulsory labor and freedom of association, global statements regarding human rights and interests, and UN Covenants on children rights and interests. Said standards represent the highest benchmark for the evaluation of corporate social responsibility performance.

M.J. International Group prohibits the hiring of child labor, any form of forced labor, and sexual harassment in accordance with relevant laws. The company voluntarily places increasing emphasis on labor rights and interests, employee care, improvement of labor relations, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. As a consequence of results accumulated over many years, the Prolong and Mei Jer manufacturing plants in Dongguan, China were internationally recognized through the award of the SA8000 certification in December 2013.

Environmental protection

The company makes dedicated efforts in the field of environmental protection with regard to every detail on a daily basis. This includes an employee code of conduct for the purpose of energy conservation and carbon reduction and prevention of resource waste concrete measures ranging from annual inspections of water and electricity pipelines, reuse of waste paper, and turning off of unnecessary water and electricity sources to sorting of garbage, and recycling of waste and scrap metal. The company also places great emphasis on environmental pollution control. Although Guangdong Province has issued a pollutant discharge permit for the company, the pollutant discharge values of the machinery and equipment in the production plants are lower than the required values. The annual test reports for the handling of water, air, and noise pollution meet the relevant criteria of the National Quality Standard Bureau in China and the company has acquired relevant certificates.

In addition, the Dongguan Prolong and Mei Jer plants, which belong to the group, have been awarded the international ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems. The company is committed to pollution prevention, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, constant improvements of the environmental management system, and enhancement of overall environmental performance. The OEM products manufactured by the group are also widely acclaimed in destination countries and meet national inspection standards. They have passed certifications such as BRE A+ and Floor Score, a US certification for indoor air quality and emission standards.

Green energy conservation

Environmental protection is of utmost importance to 『M.J. International Group』 as a 『Green Enterprise』. PVC flooring materials manufactured by the group are non-polluting, non-toxic, and healthy products, which are recyclable in an eco-friendly manner. The internal production environment is also free from pollution sources and the emphasis lies on the production of healthy and high-quality products in a pollution-free environment. The future direction of R&D efforts will move beyond the properties and limitations of traditional products and will emphasize advanced 『non-print』 and 『non-PVC』 technologies as well as the use of 『eco-friendly and healthy materials』. Research and development of non-polluting and eco-friendly products serves the purpose of increasing added value and fulfilling corporate social responsibility. Under no circumstances is product quality sacrificed for cost. Production processes do not generate environmental pollution or cause harm to the health of consumers.

In 2010, Dongguan Prolong Plastics Product Co., Ltd., a member of the group, was honored with the『Award for Advanced Enterprises in the Field of Energy Conservation』presented by local government units. It also received international recognitions such as ISO 14001 and Floor Score, a US certification for indoor air quality and emission standards.

Management Team
  • B.Y. Chen
    Republic Of China
    Date of inauguration 2014.03.24

    EMBA Entrepreneurship Management Course,National Chengchi University

    CEO,M.J. International Group

    Sales Manager, Zhenhong Plastic Corporation

    Factory Manager, KuangJen Plastic Corporation

  • Wang,Chuan-Han
    Republic Of China
    Date of inauguration 2023.04.01

    Doctor of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK

    President,LemTech group

    Executive Vice President of the GKGD

    Senior Marketing Manager,TSMC

  • Wang, Hugn-Chih
    CFO, Accounting and Finance Department
    Republic Of China
    Date of inauguration 2022 11 16

    EMBA of Dept. of Accountancy of NTPU

    Financial & Accounting Dev. Head

    Vice President , EVO Worldwide Inc.

    Independent Director , AVTECH Corporation

    Group Business Analysis Dev. Dupty manager, Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.

  • James Ho
    Special Assistant
    Republic Of China
    Date of inauguration 2020.08.01

    PhD student in institute of National Development and Mainland China Studies,Chinese Culture University

    PhD, Wuhan University of School of Economics and Management

    Director, China’s Human Resources, Lite-On Technology Corporation

    Director,China General Management Dept., Enlight Corporation

    Director,General Management Dept., Aurora Group

  • Lin,Cheng-Ming
    General Manager of Taiwan Business Unit
    Republic Of China
    Date of inauguration 2023.04.01

    Bachelor of Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

    BU head,Components Division, Young Optics

    Director of Quality Assurance ,Young Optics

    Technical Manager,UMC

  • Chang,Chin-Tai
    General Manager of China Business Unit
    Republic of China
    Date of inauguration 2021 06 29

    Master of International Business Institute, National Dong Hwa University


    General Manager of Business Unit ,NEO-NEON HOLDINGS LTD.

    Special Assistant of president Office,Bao Der Marble Co., LTD.

  • Paul Chen
    Vice President, R&D Center
    Republic Of China
    Date of inauguration 2020.07.20

    PhD Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University

    R&D Director, Jingyou Technology

    Research Fellow, Plastic Center Research and Development

    R&D Associate Research Fellow, Industrial Technology Research Institute

    Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering, Feng Chia University

  • Kimi Hung
    Audit Manager
    Republic Of China
    Date of inauguration 2019.11.07

    Bachelor of Business Administration, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

    Audit Deputy Manager, SunVic Technology

    Deputy Manager, Finance and Accounting Department, Top Yang Technology

    Deputy Manager of Finance and Accounting Department, Lian Hong Art

Labour Relations